Saturday, March 19, 2011

Closet Princess

I'm a closet princess.

Nope. It's not like it sounds. I mean I'm a closet princess, literally!

I've had a long standing affection for my closet. I've had it since I was small. I used to hang out in it when I was in grade school. I would sit in my tiny dark closet, doing nothing for hours on end. I have no idea why I thought it was cool to hang out in a small box that looked like an oversized upright coffin but it made me happy so I did it anyway. For some unknown reason, it just made me happy. =)

In the '80s, I had a small free-standing closet, half of which, I could fit into. In the '90s, I had a bigger built-in closet that was nailed to the wall. Two people could fit in it but I had it all to myself. What's not to love?

A year and a half ago, I had a walk-in closet made just for me. It has drawers, 3 hanging clothes racks, shelves for shoe & bags and nooks & crannies galore. It's always scented with lavender sachets mixed with the strong smell of Downy. It's everything a girl would want in a medium-sized closet. The first time I hung out in it, I was in the 7th heaven of delight!

Nope. This is not my closet although I wish it were.

I still hang out in my closet a lot. I have a small chair in there that I sit on when I need to do a lot of thinking. My friends would laugh at me everytime I text them from my closet but I don't care. Let them think I'm crazy.

I'm a closet princess and I'm proud of it!

My Space

I have a touch of O.C.D. Just a touch, but it's enough to make my life miserable sometimes.

For those who don't know, O.C.D. stands for Obssessive Compulsive Disorder. Ever watched the movie, 'As Good as it Gets,' or the TV show, 'Monk?' Those characters have it. If you haven't---hie ourself to the video store and buy/rent them---what's the matter with you?

I just have a mild case. I don't have to compulsively wipe down every room in the house with 70% alcohol or wash my hands every 5 minutes. I DO wash my hands more often that the average person but I don't consider myself as an extreme case. My O.C.D. is constrained to one thing---my bed.

My bed is sacrosanct. It represents everything that is pure in my world. Naturally, it has to be kept immaculately clean, subtly scented and covered with crisp linens at all times.

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Ever since I was in grade school, I could never, ever lie down, sit or even touch my bed without taking a head-to-toe shower first. I am serious! This quirk has made it necessary to get a sofa bed for my room, purchased specifically for those times when I am too tired to take a full bath before bedtime.

I used to do a 5-hour commute to and from work every day. I remember coming home so exhausted that I would just lie down on our living room sofa and sleep there. That's not entirely because I was too tired to walk the 15 steps to my own bed. Oh no! It was because I didn't have the trusty sofa bed yet and I didn't want to dirty up my bed.

I will not change my bed linens without spraying the whole thing damp with Lysol. I have my 3 large pillows washed every couple of months, despite getting sprayed with Lysol every two weeks. Dust mites would never have a chance.

I've been trying to analyze where all this compulson came from. I've had it for as long as I can remember. I've had it even when I used to share my room with my two younger brothers and I was sleeping on the upper deck of a double bunk bed. It never went away even when I was moved up to having my own room.

Maybe that was it. Maybe that was when I started to consider my bed as a haven. It used to be my only personal space (that is if you don't consider my closet that I used to spend hours in, but that's another story). My top bunk was the only place where my brothers could not go because they were still too small to climb it. In my top bunk, it was just me, my pillows, my scary doll and I.

It was My Space.

The Secret Life of ME

A good friend of mine told me years ago to start a blog. I don't think she even knew that I used to write and I have actually been published. I don't know what possessed her to suggest such a thing but the challenge is now out in the Universe and I had to take it.

I started this blog because I wanted to post my thoughts, then I promptly forgot about it. I realized just now that I haven't written anything here lately.

That's why I decided to resurrect this blog from the depths of wherever it sank. This is for my own enjoyment but if anyone else finds what I write in here interesting, you're very welcome to read it.